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Iza Music Academy

What we offer

Iza Music Academy is serving our community, sharing its love for music since 2015. Our holistic approach allows us to tailor a curriculum based on our student’s needs and goals. Our most important element is the human factor and we focus on nurturing our student’s talents and abilities. 

We offer group and private lessons on Piano, Guitar, Violin, Voice, Percussion, Woodwind, Brass, and Music Production with the most caring, respectful, and professional instructors. In addition, Iza Music Academy proudly announces its Choir and Student’s Band. 

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Who we are

Iza Music Academy was founded in March 2015 and opened its doors at the West New York, NJ location in June 2015. In January 2019, we successfully opened a second location in North Bergen, NJ. Our Newest studio in Guttengerg, NJ has recently welcome new students in 2023, where we will be hosting our concerts and events.

We proudly announce that we have successfully hosted many Recitals and virtual Concerts, and our new location will be the home of many more!


My two sons have been going to Iza School of Music for a few months already to take piano lessons. We are happy and impress with all they have learned so far. Their teacher is great. She is fun, patient, passionateand it seems she really loves teaching music. I would recommend this music school if you are looking for great teachers!
Juan Pablo Agosti
I'm very fortunate that I found Jessica Iza’s music school. It’s a little gem in the neighborhood. It’s very close to NYC but very affordable. I’ve been taking a piano class for over a year and I’m still very excited about learning as I was at the beginning. I think this is mainly because of my teacher Edwin who is not only a great guy but also a very good tutor. I also appreciate the flexibility of Edwin and Jessica because there have been situations when I had to reschedule a lesson and there has never been a problem with it. This way I’ve never lost any hour I paid for. This school is a great opportunity to learn how to play musical instruments for anyone. That's why I highly recommend it to everyone regardless of age. This proves that it’s never too late to learn how to play your favorite instrument.

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