About Us

About Us

Iza Music Academy was founded on March 2015, and opened its doors at the West New York, NJ location on June, 2015. On January 2019, we successfully opened a second location in North Bergen, NJ. Recently, on November 2022, we opened our newest studio in Guttenberg, NJ. With a capacity of 49 guests, our Guttenberg studio will be home of all of our events!

We proudly announce that we have hosted 7 successful Recitals and two Virtual Concerts. Our first Virtual concert was dedicated to First Responders and Essential Workers of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Mission

We believe in the importance of Music Education. Our goal is to give every student the necessary tools to learn this beautiful language in the most enjoyable, possible way. 

At the same time, we always credit the importance of proper technique exercises to develop good music training, tailoring the curriculum to the student’s interest and needs.

Our Vision

Our vision for Iza Music Academy is to be a reference of Musical Education in our society and to teach and empower students to be able to use their musical skills in the real world, becoming funcional musicians able to use their gift for the rest of their lives. 

No matter what career or path they will take in the future, music will always be present; even if it’s through the littlest things like the patience you acquire while learning a piece, or the proper technique to be able to pass on this knowledge. We hope that each and every single student finds something to take away with them during their time with us.

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